Scream if you want to go faster…

Does the humble snail mourn its pace?

Is there grave concern on the sloth’s face?

That being innately and greatly tardy

Is somehow lazy and foolhardy?

Is the Loris unrushed rather than slow?

Having no particular place to go

Or a need to get there at higher speed

Enough to make your eye-balls bleed?

Does a tortoise blush at its leisurely crawl?

Or is he just happy absorbing it all?

The seahorse is blissfully gallop-free

Unconcerned by its immobility

If you’re the hunter or even the prey

There’s pressure to ‘get!’ or get out of the way

I get that

To fill your own stomach

And not end up in someone else’s

But when unpursued it seems wanton

To destroy Albion

Just to get somewhere quicker

Without even a flicker

Of thought

We hurtle towards uncertainty

In the name of productivity

But the insane done with efficiency

Merely hastens on the lunacy

Which begs the question

What precisely are we accelerating for?


More what?

We’re ungrateful for what we’ve already got

Our fear of down time

Makes true presence a crime

As if stillness was an illness

To be inoculated against

The Lorax ain’t here to speak for the trees

Those ancients we kill with mechanical ease

The hills and the fields will be quiet no more

No buzz of a bee, just a high speed train’s roar

One day perhaps we will look back and see

Our reflection in our own obstinacy

The delusion in which we crowned ourselves Master

Our role in this rapid unfolding disaster

Until then we weep for the things we will lose

The owls and the woodlands that don’t get to choose

When our country succumbs to this rail-road blaster

Scream if you really want to go faster

If you share the view that spending £100B+ on HS2 in a planetary emergency is ecologically destructive madness then please share and sign up here: Stand For The Trees , ReThinkHS2,

Ed Gillespie is the author ‘Only Planet’


Ed Gillespie is a writer, poet, environmentalist, serial entrepreneur and futurist.

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