‘This Crowning Moment’

This is a poem replete with symbolism. The crown of the ‘corona’ virus itself, the international warning symbol of plague (in the corners), the Chinese character for ‘epidemic’, a Black Death Plague Doctor in mask & goggles, a skull…and yet, the Hecate Wheel (the 6 pointed star in a purple labyrinth) — for rebirth & renewal, and Native American arrows: facing left to ward off evil, right for protection, down for peace, a drum to communicate with the Great Spirit, a Fire for cleansing & renewal, a Morning Star for courage & purity of spirit, Homecoming (the 3 connected spirals) for the return of the warrior, Harmony (the viral -like ‘sun’ over a crescent moon) for balance & peace, the Eye of the Great Spirit (blue & green circles inside a diamond) watching over all life…

Ed Gillespie is a writer, speaker, futurist and poet. In 2007/8 he circumnavigated the world without flying and wrote ‘Only Planet — a flightfree adventure around the world’. He is a serial entrepreneur and an adviser to or investor in a number of ethical businesses. Ed is also a facilitator with the Forward Institute’s responsible leadership programme, a Director of Greenpeace UK and Co-Founder of Futerra

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Ed Gillespie is a writer, poet, environmentalist, serial entrepreneur and futurist.

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